Ampersand Calabasas

Ampersand Calabasas



The Ampersand is a prominent and frequently used symbol, denoting the conjunction “and.” Its roots begin in the Latin alphabet, considered by many the 27th letter during the 19th Century. The conjunction “and” creates a relationship between things and people. It connects one to another – coming together as a couple, group, or community.


The Ampersand Calabasas is a representation of the connection between people and food, people and drink, people and music, people and other people, people and excellent cuisine and hospitality,…We connect our restaurant to achieving high standards: everything fresh, wild, organic. Our policy is to provide comfort and satisfaction, value and worth, a new experience and excitement, romance and passion, and …


We are pleased to have you at our restaurant and will make every effort to meet your needs and expectations at Ampersand Calabasas.


23538 Calabasas Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302

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