The ampersand is a prominent and frequently used symbol denoting, at its most basic form, the conjunction ‘and’. Its roots begin in 1st century Latin language and writing, later coming to be considered widely as the 27th letter of the alphabet. The conjunction ‘and’ creates a relationship between one thing and another; things and people, places and thoughts. It is the great grammatical and physical connector, bringing all together as a couple, group, or community.

Ampersand Calabasas is a realization of its namesake symbol; an active representation of the connection between people and food, people and drink, people and music, and of course, people and other people. A gathering place we’re tasking with upholding elevated standards in cuisine, beverage, and service: everything fresh, wild, organic, and moreover, exciting.

With an ultimate goal of bonding community with experience, we can’t wait to invite you in.

Coming Fall 2019


23538 Calabasas Road
Calabasas, CA 91302